Obtaining clean and accurate images of any inspection object can save hundreds of hours in time, and provides for a much greater safety net, reducing costs of operation, manpower, insurance, and other cost-savings. At the same time, comparable data may be generated, allowing for aging analysis, maintenance projections, and overall knowledge of the object being inspected. Turbulence and wind are no longer an obstacle in capturing precise imaging of vertical structures. Communication towers, flare stacks, antennas, smokestacks, and other vertical objects can be efficiently inspected with the precise flight of our Yuneec H520. During the inspection flight, the live image of the drone can be output to additional monitors, allowing several people to participate and provide preliminary inspection analysis’s even during the flight. Hot-swappable payloads allows inspectors to rapidly change out imaging systems. For example, a wind-turbine may require both visual and thermal inspections; landing the aircraft, changing out the camera system, and return to flight takes but a few seconds. Images may be exported for reporting, input into data analysis software, stitched together for large-format thermal mapping, and more.