Falling from height is the biggest killer of workers in the UK, according to stats from the HSE from 2019/2020. Whatever safety systems you have in place, you can never altogether remove the risk attached to someone working at height. Keeping your workers on the ground is the only way to remove those risks. Our aerial inspection drones can reach the most challenging and awkward parts of any building. They also do it much quicker than a person could. Our 30x zoom cameras can capture images and video with time-stamps.

Typical applications include:

  • Roof Inspections
  • Schedule of condition and dilapidation reports
  • Gaining overall knowledge of the building

When it comes to tall, vertical structures like communication towers, chimney stacks, antennas, and turbines, our drones can operate in conditions up to a Force-Eight Gale. Turbulence and wind aren’t obstacles to carrying out drone inspections anymore.

Our drones also offer omnidirectional obstacle avoidance. Sensors detect our drone’s proximity to an obstacle and relay that information back to the pilot. It’s almost impossible to crash our drone into a structure with our technology.